The John Fredericks Media Network Announces Launch of New AM Radio Talker in Hampton Roads, VA

The John Fredericks Media Network (JFMN) announces a programming agreement for the newest member of its growing portfolio of radio stations: WTJZ AM 1650 in Hampton Roads, Virginia.“We are very excited to add legacy radio station AM 1650 in Hampton Roads, VA to our ever-growing family of news-talk-sports radio stations. 1650 is very special to my wife Anne and me, as we humbly started our company there a dozen years ago on the station’s morning drive. Many times, life comes full circle. We built quite a following there and we’re confident we will grow it bigger than ever,” Fredericks said.

“The Norfolk market is critical to our Virginia network as it represents the biggest U.S. naval base in the world at a very uncertain time for our nation’s Navy personnel. The uncertainty of potential hostility in the Asian perimeter and the South China sea makes this opportunity more important than ever. We will continue to provide all our listeners with extensive and in-depth coverage of China’s military and economic moves in the area, as well as top-flight analysis of the evolving events,” added Anne Fredericks, the company’s Chief Operating Officer.

JFMN’s broadcast radio stations include: Philadelphia-Wilmington-South Jersey 
WJFP AM 740, 103.3 FM, and 95.3 FM

WJFN-FM 100.5 FM – Charlottesville-Goochland
WJFN AM 820, 107.7 FM, 92.3 FM – Richmond-Fredericksburg-Williamsburg
WTJZ AM 1650 – Hampton Roads

WMLB AM 1690

The network-wide Monday through Friday daily lineup of JFMN starts off with The John Fredericks Show 6-10 AM, War Room with Steve Bannon 10 AM -12 PM, The Rob Carson Show 12-3 PM, The Doug Collins Show 3-5 PM, War Room – Battleground States with Steve Bannon 5-7 PM, Mark Levin 7-10 PM, The Rita Cosby Show 10 PM – Midnight and Red Eye Radio overnight, 12 AM – 6 AM.

Check local listings for local shows and times.

WTJZ AM 1650 will run local college football on Saturday and the NFL Pittsburgh Steelers, which runs network-wide.

“Norfolk is my birthplace and the home to the greatest naval base in the entire world…nothing could be more fitting than to provide four hours a day coverage of geopolitics, capital markets, and economics to our burgeoning cadre of listeners and viewers. War Room: always signal, never noise,” added War Room host Stephen K. Bannon.

“We’re thrilled to have The Rob Carson Show on the New WTJZ AM 1650! The John Fredericks Radio Network is a great partner for us and I look forward to entertaining and talking with the great people of Hampton Roads,” said Rob Carson, host of the Rob Carson Radio Show.

“I’m so excited to bring the Doug Collins Show to the Norfolk area,” added former Congressman and ranking member of the Judiciary Committee Doug Collins. “WTJZ AM 1650 is a great addition to the radio network and I can’t wait to share our daily adventure with this great new audience. The truth will set us free.”

“I’m very proud and excited to be a part of John and Anne’s amazing story. They have come so far from being homeless and penniless for two years after the ’08 crash that deeply affected so many hard-working Americans. Their story — and their success as they built their lives back from nothing — is an inspiration to all who believe in the power of the American dream. Going back to the Norfolk market, where they started 12 years ago, is an honor for me. Home to the largest U.S. Navy base on the globe, I hope to give our active and retired servicemen and women the knowledge and truth they need, and the voice they deserve,” said Rita Cosby, veteran broadcast journalist, best-selling author, and host of The Rita Cosby Show, heard live weekdays 10 PM to Midnight across America on the John Fredericks Media Network.

John Fredericks simulcasts his national television show, Outside the Beltway, seen on OTT and Dish Network powerhouse Real America’s Voice from 7 to 8 AM Monday through Friday.



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